Let´s be the seed we want to see grow

Let´s build more humane human resources.

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Chida Flowers
CHIDA Consulting: Focus on Empathy and Consciousness

The key lies in sowing

We focus on what AI can't develop: empathy and awareness at the service of efficiency.

Throughout several years of coexistence in the labor market, we wondered if we could transform those points of improvement we identified into real opportunities. Our role is that of facilitators in work relationships, with the aim of promoting enjoyment and, as a result, generating an exponential impact on operational efficiency.

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A world where there is improved understanding between managers and talents

We believe that everyone acts with the best of intentions. Taking that starting point into account, we can bring together the interests of different players, allowing them to identify with a common purpose. This sense of belonging not only builds identity but also motivates and promotes intangible inertia that provides greater strength to any proposed objective. We know what to do to make that happen.

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Team CHIDA Consulting: Uniting Managers and Talents
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We generate resources from another perspective

We design interventions that generate an impact.

We serve as the invisible glue that connects parts where intentions do not flow. We experience joy when both talents and leaders are content with the environment they work in, and feel represented by a common goal. We aim to implement enduring changes, as they are carefully crafted and result from collaborative ideas. Always, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

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