CHIDA is a consulting firm that provides services to companies aiming to empower relationships.

Our proposal involves introducing change agents, easing the way for the new labor revolution and supporting the process of integration of personal life.

Subjects we address in our work


There is no such thing as personal and work life as separate parallel universes. For us, the primary boundary between these areas of life is called common sense. To ensure common sense to prevail, as in any relationship, neither party should feel that the other is crossing boundaries, and communication must be of high quality. 

The new labor revolution shows us that employers and talents share similar interests: both need to nurture, grow, and evolve satisfactorily. Some topics to be explored include understanding the company and its needs as a living organism, the challenge inherent in leadership, and values as the central axis: coherence and consistency in management. 

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Shared responsibilities between the roles of the leader and the team members as part of a system: 

What do I transmit with my actions? Do I ensure that conditions are favorable for an optimal result? Is my concept of success clear? Is the concept of success the same for the leader and the team? What to do when I have a discouraged group? Am I aware of the fact that my leader also goes through complex moments? Do I realize when ego gets in the way? Do I enhance what each person enjoys doing? Do I offer myself to the team with generosity?

The power of positive reinforcement. The power of listening. The power of the word.

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Equality is about being equal in rights and opportunities, whereas equity focuses on how to achieve that through justice and impartiality. 

Equality does not guarantee equity, unless everyone starts from the same starting point.

The important thing is to have clear meanings. There are many tools at our fingertips to ensure that efforts are well-directed.

At CHIDA, we think of “bicycles that adapt to various needs so that everyone can go for a ride.” We are enthusiastic about helping you build them.

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The way the new work dynamic is shaping up is urging us to increasingly focus on the service vocation. 

We acknowledge that dedicating oneself to others implies investing valuable energy that must be balanced to prevent burnout. 

We accompany professionals on this journey and create alternatives oriented to People Management areas. We insist on changing dynamics to build a culture of behavior that encourages virtuous circles.

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Experiencing the discomfort of not knowing is a challenge that often triggers difficult-to-manage emotions. However, it is important to remember that uncertainty is synonymous with being alive.

Organizations are also living systems that go through birth and maturity. To avoid bottlenecks in moments of bewilderment and continue to enjoy a harmonious environment where efforts are well-directed, it is often necessary to flexibilize the organizational culture.

Many organizations already have the “exercised muscle” while others are in the process of realizing that incorporating this habit as part of their dynamics is essential to stay at the forefront.

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Are we aware that being emotionally available enables us to give our best? What do we require to feel at ease? Are we more productive after a good conversation? A show of interest? A word of encouragement? Or simply, something that makes us laugh.

Small gestures, words, and attitudes can change everything. As the Little Prince says, “the essential is invisible to the eye.”

Our aim is to assist those interested in identifying these spaces and willing to make them more available to achieve exponential changes in the attitude and disposition of others. We assure you that the return is priceless.

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How to transform a company’s purpose into common sense that talents can identify with? It’s quite a challenge. So is attracting new talents and minimizing talent turnover. 

How to ensure that the organization’s purpose becomes contagious? How to effectively communicate the message we want to convey so that everyone builds from the same starting point? How do we include impactful environmental objectives in the annual planning?

Recognizing the importance of planning business objectives in the short, medium, and long term in a way that is easily understood by all those who contribute to the ultimate goal, and not just by a few, makes all the difference. This achieves a surpassing effect when collaborating, where a sense of belonging becomes the fuel.

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Artificial Intelligence does not compete with us; it’s here to co-create and coexist, expanding our capacity for critical analysis. So, how do we preserve our added value while living alongside AI? By promoting creativity and challenging our minds. 

As humans, we have the advantage of combining reasoning and emotions. 

It is imperative for organizations to integrate these new tools, enhance human capital, and redesign their operational strategy to generate new opportunities within the current status quo.

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These topics are just a glimpse of the interventions we design. If you need something different from what you see on the page, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss it. You can do so through our contact form.